Woodhouse Restoration

Furniture Maker & Restorer

Woodhouse Restoration is a Saddleworth business that offers a complete restoration service for your furniture. We restore both modern and traditional furniture that may be damaged, marked, no longer the colour you want or just in need of revitalising.

Our comprehensive service includes:

We also work closely with a furniture stripper, upholster and caner, making the service complete.

Woodhouse Restoration’s services are suitable for all types of wood and all styles of furniture.

Having worked in the furniture restoration business since 1984 and established Woodhouse Restoration in Saddleworth in 1999, we are confident that you will be pleased with both the professional service we give you and the quality of your furniture’s restoration.

Please use this site to see examples of restoration and furniture making projects and be inspired as to how your own furniture could be revitalised.